The Band (with the fat man)

Etching, 30 x 40 cm  Copy: Annet Nedelec

Illustration for a recipe in a cookbook

Etching, 23 x 23 cm  Copy: Annet Nedelec

Illustrations for the menu's of Cafe Martes in The Hague

Etchings, 23 x 23 cm  -  30 x 40  Copy: Annet Nedelec

Give her roots, give her wings.

Etching, 15 x 20 cm  each

Onzegbaar (illustration for a poem by Eelco van der Waals)

Etching, 30 x 45 cm

The Wandarer

Etching, 15 x 20 cm 

The Memories of...

a design for tiles

Etching and watercolor, 20 x 20 cm 

Writer: Kayo Ishiyama

Prince (duo etchings) - in progress

Etching, 30 x 45 cm  -  each

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